The royal genius 
Success story of a  monarchy 

"We have honored the sons of Adam, 

We carried them on land and sea,

We have granted them excellent goods,
And have privileged them to many of our creatures "
Koran, Surah The Night Journey Verse 70


God Almighty created men, glorified them and honored their dignity, granted them favors and riches, made nature, the environment and the universe available to them, and preferred them to many Creatures.
And only a generous inspiration, nourished by nobility, humanism and grace, can also honor men, safeguard their esteem and their environment and work for the happiness of human societies.
As only this generous inspiration can give a distinguished rank to the theories of political economy and to the instruments of management and development of nations.
For without dignity, without equity and without justice and solidarity, all economic growth and development would be futile in the face of the gap between disparities, imbalances and partialities that are increasing every day in societies and countries.
And if politics can be considered as the art of creating the best conditions for the happiness and happiness of men, it is certainly the noble sense of human values that can give it the merit of retaining its primacy in all Conditions, on the economic as well as on the social, without neglecting its pre-eminence over all the other variables.
Everyone can freely form an idea of his country, as his reason as well as his heart inspires him, but facts, events, exploits and achievements ultimately lead to a single reality.
Reality which is impartial as a judge and a witness, of the evolution of the projects of peoples and nations.
This reality that the present essay will try to probe and question, in order to uncover the reasons that led Morocco to change its pace and time at the beginning of the 21st century.
It is also a question of how the country was able to achieve, in record time, profound reforms and changes, bringing as much consensus to its model of society and draining so many international investments into its economy.

Although the natural and touristic richness of Morocco is well known, the beauty of its sites and its timeless and imperious monuments, as well as the largesse of its historical and spiritual heritage and the hospitality of the Moroccans, , That he has no diamonds, no gas, no oil.
Known as a country with a predominantly young population and a fundamentally agricultural population, how can we explain the enthusiasm and enthusiasm for the country's continuing modernity, this movement and animation that is found only in countries that have reached a certain stage Of their material, social and cultural development?
How has the Moroccan people achieved a high level of maturity, lucidity and determination?
While there are still some pitfalls on the way to the full economic boom of the country, the main thing is begun and the Moroccan economic, social and institutional machine is on the march and Morocco is emerging.

Writing about the new Moroccan reality, is neither adulatory nor propagandist and not at all exalted, for the true, the beautiful and the good are absolute, human and universal values, easily and commonly recognizable.

The task is certainly not easy to relate in a simple work the records of a whole era of a reign with abundant realizations, as it is even more difficult to penetrate the geyser of genius that spawned the Moroccan epic of these last Seventeen years.

But the temptation is great for what it sheds light on the life of the Moroccan nation and how changes and mutations, as well as the motives and ambitions that move populations, guided and maintained by a royal visionary force, Of a powerful, maintained and determined inspiration.
This visionary force, which gives rise to the vital, pressing and insisting need of an observer of an epoch, which calls forth every Moroccan as he challenges all intellectuals on the place of ideas and to which he can not escape , To want to attest or to produce a reflection and a debate.
For to communicate to the world the Moroccan truth, that of a distinguished king and a singular people, is at this historic turning point of nations a decisive task and a citizen duty of communication.